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Ironman Distance Jewelry
A super way to celebrate triathlon goals and achievements, our 70.3 and 140.6 jewelry is designed to reward your hard work or provide inspiration as you train. Ironman races are no easy feat and we are proud of all of our customers who put this challenge ahead of them. They also make great gifts for the "IronWoman" in your life! All of the beads, charms, pendants and earrings in this section are detailed with the distance of “70.3” or "140.6." Find more great triathlon-themed jewelry options in our Triathlon section. Start building – or add to – a bead bracelet or necklace that proudly tells your story…

Inspired Endurance is proud to now offer the IRONMAN® Collection by Big Island Jewelers.
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Custom Sterling Silver Bead - InspiredEndurance.Com Custom Race Bead
Sale Price: $40.00

Leather Running Race Bracelet Leather Runner Race Bracelet
Sale Price: $104.00

Sterling Silver Sporty Gal Triathlon Pendant Sporty Gal Triathlon Pendant
Sale Price: $36.00

Classic Race Charm Necklace Classic Race Charm Necklace
Sale Price: $48.00

70.3 Enamel Charm Large 70.3 Enamel Charm
Sale Price: $23.20
140.6 Enamel Charm Large 140.6 Enamel Charm
Sale Price: $23.20

70.3 Half Ironman Bead 70.3 Triathlon Endurance Bead
Sale Price: $28.00

Sterling Silver Tri Charm Tri Charm
Sale Price: $20.00

140.6 Ironman Bead 140.6 Ironman Distance Bead
Sale Price: $28.00

Sterling Silver TRI Endurance Bead TRI Endurance Bead
Sale Price: $28.00
Sterling Silver 70.3 Charm 70.3 Charm
Sale Price: $20.00

Sterling Silver 140.6 Charm 140.6 Charm
Sale Price: $20.00

Charm Bracelet for Triathletes Charm Bracelet for Triathletes
Sale Price: $100.00