About Us


Hi, I’m Kenda Walsh, the owner of Inspired Endurance, this fabulous runner’s jewelry company that celebrates the accomplishments of women athletes with beautiful beads and charms.

How Did I Get Here?

After many years in the corporate world, my stress levels were off the chart and my health was in jeopardy. By March of 2015 I had to take a medical leave of absence and as I started getting better I began walking. First it was a ½ block, then an entire block, and eventually 5k and beyond. I found that I LOVED walking and started to dream about owning a business that was centered on creativity, health and adventure. We came across Inspired Endurance, and the rest, as they say, is history!

You’ve Inspired Us!

Anyone who has purchased a new business will warn you of the challenges ahead, and the runner’s jewelry business is not different. BUT the customers are what inspires us every day. The friends, sisters, brothers, husbands, moms, dads, and grandparents wanting to mark with pride the accomplishments of their loved ones – it is so rewarding. The request from a customer for a special charm for her sister who did 50 marathons in 50 states. The request for assistance from a husband who wanted to give his wife something to honor running in her first marathon at the age of 55. And then, there’s the runners and triathletes themselves who do so MANY amazing things and allow us a glimpse into their accomplishments!

Being in a community of runners and triathletes has so inspired my husband and myself that we have both upped our game! We continue to increase our stamina, distance, and goals. Since both of us are entering our "golden years", it is doubtful that we will be running any marathons, but you never know!

I can’t thank you enough for all the inspiration. We are very grateful to you, our friends and customers, and we hope that our jewelry will continue to inspire you to keep on going strong!


About The Artist

Marie Scholl, the original founder of Inspired Endurance, started the company hoping to create jewelry that celebrated women runners and triathletes. Every design she’s created has been inspired by you; the athletes we’ve come to know and their hard-earned accomplishments.

Why Inspired Endurance is Different . . .Creators of The Original Race Bead

Nearly every bead and charm we sell has been designed and crafted by Marie. In fact, she created "The Original Race Bead” and was the first to create that design specifically for "Pandora" bracelets. Several companies have copied our products, but there is only one original. Our top-selling Race Tag and Sporty Gal designs are now trademarked with copyrights on all of our designs.

Shopping with us means you get Marie’s original designs along those we are constantly adding to our collection, Every purchase is hand-selected, carefully prepared and shipped directly to your house from ours, and if you aren't happy, return it for a No-Questions-Asked-Period refund.