Bead Accessories

All of our charms may be adapted to your Pandora style bracelet with a charm carrier. Also if you don't like to have your beads floating, purchase one of our bead stoppers (only compatible with our Keepsake bracelet).

  • Charm Carrier for Bead Bead Bracelet

    Charm Carrier for Bead Bracelet

    Transform your charm!…A sterling silver "charm carrier" converts your charms into bead bracelet charms. This Charm Carrier is compatible with most major bead bracelet brands like Pandora.



  • Gold Filled Bead Stopper Set for Bead Bracelet

    Gold Filled Bead Stopper Set for Bead Bracelet

    Keep 'em in Place!… Some of you like your beads floating, and some like them held close together. These beads have rubber rings inside to keep them from sliding. Slide onto your sterling silver or leather bead bracelet with a simple twist to help you...