Sporty Gal


We are many things, but our passion for running and triathlon makes us a one-of-a-kind Sporty Gal! Her symbol reminds us of what we embrace every day and she means something unique to each of us. She can remind you of why you get out of bed in the morning, or crossing the finish line at that special race you worked so hard for. She can encourage you, remind you, inspire you...whoever you need her to be, she is right there for you.

  • Sporty Gal Triathlon Bead

    Sporty Gal Triathlon Bead

    Feminine Tri Trio... Sporty Gal "tries" her best at everything in life. This rich and thick sterling silver bead is sure to stand out from the rest of your beads and mark your amazing accomplishment. It also looks terrific worn on a necklace, alone or...



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  • Sporty Gal Swim Bike Run 3-Bead Set

    Sporty Gal Swim Bike Run 3-Bead Set

    This is a great way to add triathlon-inspired beads to your existing bead bracelet. Included is our sterling silver SWIM, BIKE, and RUN beads--each complete with the respective sport image on the back side. This combo purchased separately retails for...

    Triathlon Combo


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