Bead Bracelets
Bead bracelets are a great way to express your love for the sport and show off all your running accomplishments. As an alternative to a traditional chain link charm bracelet, it�s a fun way to put together a unique piece of jewelry for yourself or the runner in your life.

All of the bracelets offered by Inspired Endurance are cross-compatible with most major bead lines such as Pandora, Chamilia, and Troll.


Create a Unique Runner Bracelet Creating a runner bracelet that�s all your own is easy. Here�s how: Choose your runner bead bracelet base from this section. Head over to our runner beads section to choose the perfect combination that marks your personal milestone! If you want a runner bracelet that�s already put together, check out our selection of bead bracelets at the bottom of this page. You�ll get a great deal and can personalize them with additional beads. Choose From a Wide Selection of Running Bead Bracelets You're an original. So it makes perfect sense to collect meaningful runner bead bracelets that relate your life's challenges, goals, and accomplishments to create a unique bracelet that's all about you. We offer a full line of race and inspirational running bead bracelets, and we are an official retailer of Carlo Biagi. All of our bracelets are compatible with the other popular bead lines such as Pandora, Chamilia, and Troll. Start telling your story today... Get More When You Order From Inspired Endurance

  • Live Love Run Adjustable Bracelet

    Live Love Run Adjustable Bracelet

    Solid Sterling Statement… Our sterling silver “Live Love Run” plate with hand painted 14kt heart is now available on a fully adjustable sterling silver box chain bracelet.Easy to put on and no need to guess what size will fit as the silicone-lined bead...


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  • Modern Sporty Gal Runner for Bead Bracelet

    Modern Sporty Gal Runner for Bead Bracelet

    Solid Girl Runner for Bead Bracelet... Our Modern Sporty Gal Runner on our charm carrier, makes a delightful addition to your bead bracelet! Small and sporty to definitely not get in the way -- and a fun way to add a bit of interest among your beads with...


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